Myanmar DRK introduce the top-level students graduate from Myanmar IT Universities to the Japanese IT companies.
At first we support the internship acceptance procedure from the selection of personnel to sending them to Japanese companies. And also provide the local training including Japanese language training for the internship students according to the requirements of Japanese companies.
To students who have got an informal decision of employment form the Japanese company, MDRK carry out various prior training for entering the company during a period before entering the company and support for various procedures for sending them to Japan.
◇◆ IT human resources recruitment support service ◆◇
  • Hearing about candidates for recruitment
  • Recruitment of candidates
  • Refine candidates for recruitment
  • Employment test execution agency
  • Interview test arrangement
    1. Interview with TV conference system
    2. Myanmar visit interview (schedule adjustment, interview site arrangement)
  • Substitution notification of adoption result
  • Education for prospective students
    1. Arranging Japanese language education at partner schools in Myanmar
    2. Business manners education
    3. Presentation for technical education
    4. Other IT-related technology education support
    5. Orientation education on living in Japan
  • Myanmar visiting support
    1. UIT and other IT colleges visited adjustment
    2. Accommodation hotel arrangement
    3. Visa procedure support for Japanese co-operate staff
    4. Arranging a rental car with a driver
    5. Tour arrangement support and others
  • Visiting procedure support
    1. Support to obtain passport
    2. Japanese embassy visa application support
    3. Certificate of Eligibility Procedure support
◇◆ Internship support ◆◇
  • Refine candidates in Myanmar
  • Candidate interview arrangement for Myanmar students
    1. Interview with TV conference system
    2. Visiting interview of Japanese company representatives to Myanmar (schedule adjustment, interview site arrangement)
  • Curriculum preparation support for Japanese companies
  • Internship student visit to Japan
    1. Internship acceptance and visa procedure support
    2. College side preparatory document arrangement
  • Internship curriculum substitution support
    1. During this period, all the dates in the schedule of internship students are not in Japan, give them a challenge and let them carry out in Myanmar
MDRK supports not only new graduates but also recruitment of experienced people in Japan. Please feel free to contact us if you are looking for the skillful IT personnel. We will introduce the personnel according to your request.

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A Japanese teacher living in Myanmar is enrolled in "Hikari Academy(Yangon, Myanmar)" and teaches not only Japanese Language basic pronounciation instruction but also Japanese culture and customs.