Establishment of local corporation MyanmarDRK toward business expansion in Myanmar.

6th August, 2014

 Doraku Holdings, Co., Ltd. (Head office : Tokyo, Japan, CEO: Tomihisa Nishijima ) established MyanmarDRK Co., Yangon together with Nihondataskill Co. Ltd. and started to do business.

Since 2010, democratization and liberalization progresses rapidly in Myanmar, and the investment from the foreign countries is increasing with the relaxation of economic sanctions. In addition, maintenance of the infrastructure and the law are pushed forward with high pace, too. In 2015, Stock exchange was open, computerization of central bank was completed and construction project of new airport was started. Not only these, there are many projects like the maintenance of industrial zone, construction of office buildings, hotels and condominiums all over the Yangon cities.
 And at the same time, due to the advance of deregulation and legislation for the foreign capital, an entry wall is decreased, so many player from the world led by each Asian country company including Japan, start operation and competing for a business scale each other.

 Under these circumstances, we are going to carry out the following activities with the aim of “contributing the development of Myanmar and of Japan”

  • Human resource development of Myanmar engineer and give a place to work both in Myanmar and Japan.
  • We are going to enter the maintenance business of IT infrastructures as well as social infrastructure maintenance business in connection with subsidiary companies came of Japan and other countries and contribute to the Myanmar society.
  • We are to proceed business development powerfully based on our original business model.

 MyanmarDRK, based on the high technology and results such as the development of the software which the Doraku group companies and a Nihondataskill cultivated in Japan and the IT base (network, server system), a design, the operative management and, will start to offer of various services through a young excellent engineer of Myanmar. MyanmarDRK will promote the following things of business content as the first stage.

  • Upbringing of young and excellent Myanmar IT engineer by providing Japanese language training and IT technique
  • Introduction and dispatch of Myanmar engineer to the company in Japan
  • Offer the IT solution service to Japanese-affiliated company and local company in Myanmar
  • Given development in trust of business application software as well as embedded software from the companies in Japan.

 Doraku group hired 10 Myanmar software engineers in the autumn of 2013, in cooperation with UCSY and ICTTI, and after having carried out Japanese language and IT technology training gave to them job opportunity in Japan. They play an active part as the precious IT engineer who can handle three languages like Japanese, English, and Myanmar.
In addition, we established a system to provide “Japanese language training support” to Myanmar people from June, 2014, and dozens of Myanmar people who have a strong intention to work in Japan and a Japanese company continue learning.

 By fixing the eyes on the progress of economic activities, grasping the trend of customer needs, and learning society, culture, business practice of Myanmar, MyanmarDRK will develop new business model sequentially. In addition, Doraku group is planning to enlarge the business boundary to the Mekong economic zone by utilizing MyanmarDRK as footing in the future.

【Overview of MyanmarDRK】
Name :
MyanmarDRK Co., Ltd.
Establishment :
28th July, 2014
Address :
Room‐6/A, Building 22, Zayar Thiri condo,
Zayar Thiri Street, 1st Quarter,
Kamaryut Township,
Yangon, Myanmar.
Managing Director ATSUO MIYAZAKI
Director KAZUO KITAGAWA (Nihondataskill CEO)
Employment Support Service
Global Workforce Development
IT Related Solution Service
US$ 200,000
Equity Participant:
Doraku Holdings, Co., Ltd. (90%)
Nihondataskill Co. Ltd. (10%)

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【Contacts of Doraku Group for overseas bussiness】
Doraku Holdings, Co., Ltd.
Overseas Business Promotion Office
I.Hotta(Mr.), T.Yoshida(Mr.)
【Contacts for further information】
Doraku Holdings, Co., Ltd.
Business planning head office
T.Fusegawa(Mr.), A.Kitayama(Ms.)

2-14-10 Uchi-Kanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Japan
Tel 03-5577-5333