Contribution of human resource development of Myanmar

-Japanese language courses for UIT by MyanmarDRK-

UIT: University of Information Technology

25th December, 2015

 Since last year, the local corporation of Doraku Holdings, Co., Ltd. (Head office : Tokyo, Japan, CEO: Tomihisa Nishijima ), MyanmarDRK Co., Ltd.decided to provide Japanese language course for 2nd year student of UIT. Training period is from December 2015 to August 2016, 2 times in a week and 40 students are attending in this training course.
 Two years ago, Mr. Nishijima visited to Myanmar and met with the rector of University of Computer Studies, Yangon(UCSY) and the rector of UIT (then, the vice-rector of UCSY COE (Center Dof Excellent)). At that time, he agreed to cooperate the training of youth engineer of Myanmar and said, “They will contribute to the development of IT business of Myanmar and Japan thanks to such training.

 According to this agreement, recommended students of UCSY and graduated engineer are adopted by Doraku Holdings from year 2014, and at the next spring (2016), the third term members will join Doraku Holdings, thus in total 30 employees of Myanmar, equal to approximately 10% of all employees of Doraku Holdings. They learned Japanese language at Myanmar and come to Japan to learn the advanced IT technologies. Some engineer came back to Myanmar and has been working as a leader of software off-shore business at MyanmarDRK.
 As a part of global activities, Doraku Holdings is planning to continue contribution of Japanese language training and to adopt to increase the employees of Myanmar.

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Photos : Japanese course students

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