Started Japanese Language Training for Myanmar IT University Internship Students

23th April 2018

Myanmar DRK Co., Ltd. (MDRK), a group company of Doraku Holdings Co.,Ltd. (President Nishijima Tomihisa) located in Chiyodaku, Tokyo, started the Japanese Language Training for Myanmar IT University internship students from April 7, 2018 in cooperation with Center of International Cooperation for Computerization(CICC).

The training provided by MDRK aims to acquire the most basic Japanese language required for intern who have never learnt Japanese Language before coming to Japan. With the sponsor of CICC, MDRK will provide Language Training for about 2 months before the internship starts. During the remote internship※, this training will also be provided at the same time in order to pass Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) Level4 for about 4 months in Yangon. In addition to this training, business training like introduction to Japanese culture, lifestyle, customs and business etiquette of Japanese companies, etc., using MDRK’s own curriculum will also be provided to students who will be employed in Japanese companies and this will continue till March, next year by the sponsor of the respective company. MDRK hopes the students to reach the JLPT Level2 which can communicate and work smoothly in Japan.

In collaboration with CICC, MDRK has supported one stop service for internship students to Japanese companies in accordance with the request of Myanmar Top IT related universities such as University of Information Technology (UIT), University of Computer Studies, Yangon (UCSY), IT Department of West Yangon Technological University (WYTU), University of Computer Studies, Mandalay (UCSM), University of Technology Yatanarpon Cyber City (UTYCC). This year, Japanese IT companies recruited from November 2017, and as a result, seven Japanese companies have announced their acceptance of internship students.

MDRK will continue to develop IT human resources who can play active role in Myanmar and Japan and contribute to the development of the IT industry in both countries.

※Remote Internship: Internship which carry out the tasks of company at MDRK office in Myanmar for about 4 months in order to reduce the company cost of staying in Japan for internship students 

Center of International Cooperation for Computerization
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