Started Training in Japan for Myanmar Employees

10th October 2019

Doraku Holdings Co.,Ltd (President, Nishijima Tomihisa) Located in Chiyodaku, Tokyo, has cooperated with The Association for Overseas Technical Cooperation and Sustainable Partnerships(AOTS) which provides Technical Training & Expert Dispatch Programs for quality improvement of offshore services of MyanmarDRK Co.,Ltd (MDRK), a group company of Doraku Holdings.

AOTS was established in August 10, 1959. AOTS aims to promote technical cooperation such as technical training and dispatching experts for the development of industry and human resources in Japan and developing countries. About 400, 000 people in 170 countries around the world have participated in the programs of AOTS. First 9 days of this training was held about Japanese Culture, Society and Industry at the office of AOTS. After this training, cooperative company provided practical training in a certain period of time in the respective projects of the company.

Doraku Holdings invited two employees of MDRK to participate in this training from June to September, 2019. After the training at AOTS, they conducted hands-on training at Ikiiki Medicare Support Co.,Ltd., a group company which outsources offshore development to MDRK. Through this training, they acquired knowledge and skill which are difficult to learn as a local employee in Myanmar.

Doraku Holdings will continue to support Myanmar employees of MDRK to be more understanding about Japanese Society, Culture, Industry through the training of AOTS. With these efforts, the support of offshore services to Japanese companies will be more developed. For further new offshore projects, MDRK hopes to develop communication with Japanese Companies not only by communicating with Bridge Software Engineer but also proposing AOTS’s framework through which MDRK’s employees will be able to acquire advanced technology and business knowledge of customers.

Association for Overseas Technical Cooperation and Sustainable Partnerships (AOTS)
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