Got the Certification of Japanese Education License in Myanmar

20th May 2020

MyanmarDRK Co.,Ltd(MDRK), a group company of Doraku Holdings Co.,Ltd (President, Nishijima Tomihisa) located in Chiyodaku, Tokyo, is certified with Japanese Education license of Republic of the Union of Myanmar in May,2020.

MDRK in cooperation with Local Japanese Language School provides Japanese Language Skill to internship or graduated students from excellence IT Universities in Myanmar to be able to make living and working well in Japan.

In the past, MDRK focused mainly on educational course of Japanese Language Vocabulary, Grammar and Communication Skill through collaboration with Japanese Language School .Recently, as many Japanese companies request education enrichment from business perspective, MDRK, by using the Japanese Education license, is planning to provide new educational course which can enable students to be employed by Japanese companies for the high level of understanding about Japanese Business Manner and Communication. Thanks to this new course, Myanmar students can adapt in Japanese Enterprise Society quickly and provide excellent outcome after entering companies in Japan.

For global activities, Doraku Groups will contribute to the development of human resources of Myanmar by supporting Japanese Language Education and recruitment of Myanmar Engineers to Japanese Companies.

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 MyanmarDRK Co.,Ltd. Managing Director:Atsuo Miyazaki
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