Started the Japanese Language Training FY2020 for Myanmar IT University Internship Students

24th June 2020

MyanmarDRK Co.,Ltd(MDRK), a group company of Doraku Holdings Co.,Ltd (President, Nishijima Tomihisa)located in Chiyodaku, Tokyo started the Japanese Language Training for Myanmar IT University internship students from June 15, 2020 in cooperation with Center of International Cooperation for Computerization(CICC).

The purpose of this training is to provide basic Japanese Language Skill required to work in Japanese Company after the internship. This training is sponsored by CICC.

This training style used to be the lecture type for the internship students of CICC member companies only. However, in this year, the training style have been changed to the online type for all internship students to Japanese companies in accordance with some rectors’ advice due to Corona Virus Outbreak.

After 4 months Japanese Training from June to September, all students will reach to Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) Level 4. After this training, MDRK may continue to support the students to pass the JLPT Level 3/2 which can communicate and work smoothly in Japan in accordance with the request of the company.

Japanese Language Online TrainingJapanese Language Online Training

MDRK will continue to develop IT human resources who can play active role in Myanmar and Japan and contribute to the IT development in both countries.

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